FAQ | The Spectator’s Guide

– Do children under 14 yo need a ticket to enter the event?

We have created a children ticket for safety reasons, necessary for every child born from January 1st, 2010 onwards (that is: children aged up to 14yo) in order to access the venue. However, we want every child to be able to watch the best CX in the world from up close, and to fall in love with his or her bike as we did when we were their age. Hence, the fee is as low as 2€ and the revenue created by this ticket will be donated to a charity.

As for VIP and Super VIP zones, tickets for children aged between 7 and 14yo (born between January 1st, 2010 and December 31st, 2016) at a reduced fee will be required. Children aged below 7yo (that is, born after January 1st, 2017) will be able to enter with a Children ticket along with an adult ticket holder.

– What happens if my ticket has the name of another person?

Nothing. The only IDs that will be checked at the access gates are those of the underage children.

– Do I need a ticket to enter the venue on January 20th, be it to watch BenidormCX or the official training of the UCI CX World Cup event?

No. Access is free on January 20th.

– What time do the access gates open on January 21st?

The access gates will be open from 8.30 AM.

– Once inside the venue, can I go outside and return?

Yes. Once your ticket is validated, you will be handed a bracelet that will enable you to enter and leave the venue as many times as you wish or need.

– Can I bring food or beverages to the venue?

You can, as long as it is inside a container that isn’t closed, or that can be used to harm another person. By Spanish law, you can’t enter a sporting venue with a closed container – such as a can, or a bottle. For instance, if you want to bring liquids in, they must be on an uncapped plastic bottle. This applies to bidons too!

– Can I buy food or beverages inside the venue?

Yes! We will have this amazing Fan Zone, with just-made food and fresh beverages available. It will have an Expo Zone, too, and some cool music thanks to Red Bull. Click here for more info (in Spanish).

– Can I buy merchandising inside the venue?

Yes! Over at our Fan Zone, there will be several pop-up shops selling cycling stuff.

– Are pets allowed inside the venue?

Dogs are allowed inside the venue as long as they are duly secured (i.e., lace, muzzle…), although our recommendation is not to take them since there will be big crowds and lots of noise that might make them uneasy.

– Are bikes allowed inside the venue?

You may bring your bike, but there won’t be a designed area to park or store them. Therefore, you will be responsible to watch out for your own bike.

– Is there any way to reach the venue by public transport??

Sure! You can take the Tram Metropolitá d’Alacant. Line 1 goes from Alicante to Benidorm’s main station, a few hundred meters away from the venue. Line 9 goes from Dénia to Benidorm Intermodal, which is 1,5 km away from the venue. More info at https://www.tramalicante.es/
You can also take the public bus. See the schedules at https://alicante.avanzagrupo.com/es/lineas-y-horarios/benidorm

– I have a disability. Where should I park?

If you have a disabled parking badge, you may access to the VIP parking, over at Aparcamiento Campo de Fútbol Guillermo Amor: https://goo.gl/maps/C5tgq6xoiWeXLzqq6

– When will the final starting list and the starting grid be released?

The rider’s confirmation closes on Saturday, at 6PM. We will release the final starting list some minutes later in our social media channels.